Athlete Program

Hello and thank you for your interest in our athlete program!  Let me first answer a couple of questions that come up almost immediately:

Do I earn a commission on the sale of any products?  The answer respectfully is no.  We do not in any way shape or form pay our athletes or team members a commission.  If your interest stops here, I understand.

If I don't get paid, then why would I represent your brand?  Great question.  I started this brand to share my passion for fitness and to inspire and motivate others.  Our trademark message to "Endure Bravely" is reflected in all of our shirts.  I do have some funny shirts out there only because having a sense of humor is important.  

You're representing the brand because you align with our message and either you or someone you know has had to endure challenges in life and our shirts have a special meaning to you.  Plus you also get a generous discount on "personal" purchases! 

Barbell Faction was a mindset and a movement long before it became a brand.  My passion for fitness is driven by over 15 years of coaching and working with strength athletes, wrestlers, MMA fighters and your everyday fitness enthusiast.

The Program
As a member of Team Barbell Faction, you will save money on your future purchases and have the opportunity to receive free merchandise to thank you for promoting our brand.  We also work to help build your social network by providing Instagram shout-outs as well as feature you in our advertising campaigns that are viewed by thousands.   Our program is designed around a positive community, we do not “mass recruit ambassadors” like other brands.  If you are reading this, it means that we personally reached out to you, interacted via phone or DM and then sent you a link to this private page.  That’s what makes being part of the Team Barbell Faction family special and unique.

We have two tiers in our program, Team Member and Athlete.  As a Team Member, you will receive 2 personalized discount codes, 20% off for your personal use and 10% off that you can share with your followers/friends & family.  As a Team Member you’ll get 2 shout-outs per month after your first shirt purchase.  To maintain your Team Member status, just tag us in your shirt at least once per month.  In the gym, out at the park, it’s up to you just keep it clean, creative and in focus. Use @barbellfaction to tag and #barbellfaction to hashtag

Athlete status is achieved once 10 ORDERS have been made with either of your personalized promo codes (from you or your followers). The Barbell Faction Team will then provide a formal announcement in welcoming you to the Faction Family along with a one-time discount code for 30% OFF one Barbell Faction item and another Free product of your choice.  Athletes are entitled to 4 shout-outs per month, as well as being featured in our advertisements.  Please use different poses/backgrounds and shirts, i.e. we will not post 4 consecutive bathroom selfies in the same shirt.

Once you are a Barbell Faction Athlete, every 5 orders (minimum orders of $20 or more) completed with either of your personalized promo codes will reward you with one free Barbell Faction product.  Our choice (this may be a one off print/design or color to test market response)

Please note:  If 30 days pass from the time of initial activation without ONE order, we reserve the right to revoke your team member status.  This helps to keep our records in order and to ensure that only the most passionate members are on board.  Barbell Faction Athletes maintain their status indefinitely, however, we reserve the right revoke that status at any time.

We enjoy interacting and talking with all of our Team Members and Athletes.  If you have questions please feel free to DM.  We appreciate all feedback, comments or ideas.  If you want to see a design on a shirt in a particular color, just let us know!  Thank you for your interest.

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Jason – Founder of Barbell Faction @jason.mica